Version 1.0 - 1999 RH designs

Defend your organism against invading bacteria - The hottest Arcade game ever!

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30-12-99 I made a multiplayer version of Bacterion! It is available from the main page.
24-10-99 Made the code compatible with Netscape.
13-10-99 Fixed a bug that would crash the applet if there were few cells left.
12-10-99 Version 1.0 release

If the applet is not responding to key presses, click on the applet with your mouse.
up / down arrow keys: Fire forward / backward thruster
left / right arrow keys: Turn ship left / right
Spacebar: Fire photon
q: Dock ship with cell, speed must be low
w: Release docked cell, speed must be low
e: Halt ship
h: Hyperspace, can get you out of a sticky situation
s: Start Game
p: Pause Game
d: Detail on/off
m: Mute sound on/off

Bacterion used to be an old game on my old Atari 800 XL made by Kyle Peacock. Since I was totally hooked on this game for a while and nobody else had bothered to make a clone of this game, I decided to make it myself. Special thanks go to Mike Hall, who provided the Sprite class in his Asteroids applet, which formed the backbone of my program. Some similarities between the games are definitely noticeable.

The objective is to keep your organism alive and to get the highest score. Your organism will be alive as long as there is one living cell in the playfield. This sounds easy enough, but your organism is under constant attack by aggressive bacteria!

You have infinite lives. However if you die, the bacteria will temporarily have free play in the organism, so be careful to protect your host. If your score is high enough, you will get a bonus life which means that one of your host's cells will divide. Unfortunately this new cell is moving and will move to far away from the organism and die. Therefor your ship has been equipped with docking features so, you can permanently install these new cells in the organism.

There are 2 types of bacteria: Hunter/Killers and Bodysnatchers.
Bodysnatcher profile:
This red bacterium lives for one and one thing only: To snatch then cells of your organism! Strong points: Can steal cells, has an defensive laser. Weaknesses: Slow, and can be rammed to quickly finish them off.
Hunter/Killer profile:
This green bacterium is very evil. It will come for your ship, and once it has destroyed it, it will transform into a Bodysnatcher to steal cells while the immune system (you) is down. Strong points: Fast, can ram you to death, attack laser. Weaknesses: Can't steal cells.

Your forward thruster (brake) in half as powerful as your back thruster (accelerate)
If you want to come to a complete stop, hold down the 'e' key.
In the 45 levels of the games, bacteria will shoot more accurate as you progress in the game. In the later levels try to keep a good distance between yourself and the bacteria.
If the game is running slowly, press 'd' to turn of detail.

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