Easy Scroller

Do rou really like scrolling with your mousewheel, but would you rather use the keyboard instead? Then Easy Scroller is the answer: When Easy Scroller is running, Page Up / Page Down act just like your wousewheel!

Also very useful for people without a mousewheel, and people with RSI.

For more information, check the readme or read the manual on this page.

  2002 RH Designs

The program is freeware and runs under Windows NT/9x and above.

17th of November, 2002 - Version 1.0 is released.

Download here (10 kB)

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If you really like the program, donations are appreciated. Mail me for details. or donate via PayPal:

The program recognizes the following keys:

You can exit Easy Scroller by right clicking on the dubble arrow icon in the taskbar.