Thumbnail & Webpage Creator

Q: I am getting annoying red bands in my thumbnails. What's wrong?
A: You need to purchase the full version. Information on how to purchase the full version, press the Buy Now button in the program that pops up if you want to use it.

Q: I get an error saying I am missing mscoree.dll.
A: You need to install the .Net Framework available for free from 

Q: How do I install the .Net Framework?
A: Go the the windows-update website from
Microsoft. Scan for available updates. Select the option 'Applications' and select the .Net Framework option. Download and install this option and you can create you galleries in no time!

Q: I am using a web-provided that does not support sub-folder like Geocities, can I still use this program?
A: You can unselect the option, Thumbnails in Folder. Than you can use the created gallery webpage with Geocities.

Q: Which image formats are supported?
A: These image formats are supported: Jpeg, Gif, Png, Bmp and Tiff.

Q: I need help! My question is not listed here!
A: Email
here for technical support

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