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Version 1.0

2001 RH Designs

This game requires Java 1.0 support. Please upgrade your browser.

This is a midi plugin

7-4-2001 The first release of Panic on the stock exchange

There is panic on the stock exchange! Everybody is selling and the indexes are plummeting! Financial losses are staggering. Stock traders not able to cope with their losses no longer have the courage to face their new lives... You are Jack the fireman, and it is your job to save as many stock traders as possible. You must do this by catching the stock traders and bringing them to the paramedics.

For more information about the 1929 crash, go here.
For more information in general about stock crashes and how to avoid them, go here.

Catching a stock trader: 10 + 2.5 * level
A stock trader safely arriving at the ambulance: 500 + 125 * level
A bonus life is awarded every 10000 points. You lose a life if you fail to catch a stock trader.

s = Start the game. If the applet is not responding, click on the applet first
p = pause / unpause
arrow keys = Move firemen left / right

There are 10 levels, try to beat them all!

The game requires a Pentium MMX or better.


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