Welcome to Snake, the ultimate worm game!

Version 1.3

2000 RH Designs

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This is a midi plugin

18-3-2000 Improved the timing mechanism, giving a more reliable snake movement
4-10-99 Applet automatically requests focus
30-3-99 Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to pass level 1
29-3-99 Corrected game speed to the speed in 1.0
27-3-99 Changed the version to 1.1 The timing mechanism, now no longer requires time to calibrate.

This game is made after an old German worm game on my Atari XL. I changed some stuff, mostly due to Java limitations, but still the game has feels a lot like the original.

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Get the highest score!

Score is awarded by eating:
Apple: 20 + 2 * level
Gold Coin (goldmunze): 100 + 10 * level
Poisonous Mushroom: Death
Border: Death
Yourself: Death

Some points are also awarded when you finish a level, but not much.

s = pause
arrow keys, or j,i,k,l keys control direction.
The game is designed to support only one key down at a time, but there also is limited support for multiple keys.

Extra life awarded every 5000 points.

There are 25 levels, try to survive them all!

The game requires a Pentium 200 MMX or better.


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